Materials guide

We recom­mend what we call an RGB work­flow to our cus­tom­ers, because it sup­ports mater­i­als which can be used in dif­fer­ent media types. In oth­er words, the same mater­i­als can be used in both digit­al and prin­ted products. Image pro­cessing is easy when CMYK con­ver­sions and image sharp­ness adjust­ments are done auto­mat­ic­ally. The mater­i­als may also con­tain CMYK elements.

Mater­i­als guide

We have put togeth­er a mater­i­als guide to make it easi­er and safer for our cus­tom­ers to pre­pare and sub­mit their mater­i­als to us.

Down­load­ing col­our preferences

Down­load the col­our pref­er­ences here.

Open Adobe Pho­toshop and select EDIT > COLOR SETTINGS from the menu bar. Select LOAD in the bot­tom right corner of the new win­dow and save the väriasetukset.csf file you have saved with an eas­ily iden­ti­fi­able title in a user-spe­cif­ic folder in Adobe\Color\Settings.

Close Pho­toshop, open the col­our pref­er­ences again and save the cur­rently act­ive col­our pref­er­ences. With the col­our pref­er­ences saved in the cor­rect loc­a­tion, you can man­age them in dif­fer­ent Adobe pro­grammes using Adobe Bridge.

Open Adobe Bridge and select EDIT > COLOR SETTINGS from the menu bar. You will see a list of dif­fer­ent col­our pref­er­ences, and in case the pref­er­ences you saved are not in the list, mark the selec­tion box to expand the view. Select the col­our pref­er­ences you saved and press APPLY. The col­our pref­er­ences you have applied can now be used across all Adobe programmes.

Down­load­ing print­ing settings

Down­load print­ing set­tings here.

Open Adobe InDes­ign, select FILE > ADOBE PDF PRESETS > DEFINE in the menu bar. Down­load the file tulostusasetus.joboptions you have saved.

We recom­mend select­ing Adobe RGB pro­file as the RGB pro­file and Isonewspaper26v4 as the CMYK profile.

Do not adjust the sharp­ness of RGB images required by Cold­set print­ing. How­ever, you will need to adjust the sharp­ness of CMYK images. The recom­men­ded image res­ol­u­tion is 220 dpi.

A page can con­tain both RGB and CMYK images – the con­ver­sion pro­cess handles the images auto­mat­ic­ally depend­ing on their set­tings. We do not recom­mend spot col­ours because their tones may change dur­ing conversion.

Order mater­i­als guide