Post-processing options

Trimmed products

We have two extremely effective paper cutters that we use to trim the edges and change the format of our printed products. Our products can be trimmed to the following sizes:

• The smallest product: 184 mm x 260 mm
• Trimmed tabloid: 230 mm x 300 mm – 260 mm x 380 mm


A single sheet of paper, or even an entire magazine tucked in a newspaper, is an effective way to boost a paper’s media sales or give the readers a publication dedicated to a specific theme. All products printed by Botnia Print can be distributed as a supplement to another newspaper as long as the main product has an excess margin of 12 mm. The supplement may be loose or glued to the centre fold. One newspaper can contain up to four different supplements. The supplements may be different in size and printed (even by someone other than Botnia Print) on different types of paper.

Cover wrap

A cover wrap is a four-page advertisement bound to the top part of a cover or centre fold. It is as wide as the magazine itself but only covers half of the magazine vertically. As it is clearly separated from the magazine, a cover wrap is an extremely effective advertising platform.


MemoStick is an attention-grabbing sticker on the front page of a magazine which is easy to peel off. At its best, a MemoStick sticker urges the reader to take action, which makes it an often-used tool in loss-leader marketing.

We also offer a wide range of other post-processing options. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll help you choose the best option for you!

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Post-processing options 

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We have doubled our trimming capacity.

The demand for trimmed print products has soared in the past few years. To give our customers what they want, we have made an almost million-euro investment and purchased another Ferag SNT-50 trimming drum. The trimming drum can quickly finish printed products by trimming them to formats of different sizes by removing the margins outside the printing area. The finished product is considerably more stylish than a traditional tabloid. With the investment, we have achieved a significant reduction in the turnaround times of trimmed products and increased our capacity. This also allows us to offer an even wider range of customisation options to our customers.

Order samples

A printed sample is the best way to see just how great the best prints on the plant are and to get an idea of how your product could be printed.