Best prints on the planet.

We are the only print house in Finland using waterless rotary printing technology, which helps us deliver the best print quality to our customers. Moreover, our printing technology is in a category of its own when it comes to the environment, so it is also best for the planet. Combined with our excellent customer service, we are a printing powerhouse not to be missed, so get in touch!

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Print quality

In practice, the world’s best print quality means clean and clear inks, non-stretch paper and minimal image noise, or components which together ensure our ability to produce exceptionally clear images copy after copy. The drying inks adhere to the paper strongly, meaning that our print products are virtually non-staining.

Environmental considerations

We don’t use any oils or harmful chemicals in our printing process. As we can achieve excellent print quality starting from the first sheet, we produce very little waste paper. Moreover, our recycling rate is no less than 99%!


Even though we run a large cutting-edge print studio, we are a tight-knit community that takes care of each other. All this is reflected in our ‘customer comes first’ attitude to service, which is friendly and efficient.


Our rotary printing technology, which produces the best prints on the planet, provides a cost-effective method for printing top-quality traditional newspaper products as well as other types of papers and brochures. Our primary formats are tabloid and trimmed tabloid, both of which can be printed using several different options.

Paper products 

Post-processing options 

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55 employees
500 000 papers in a day
9500 t tonnes of paper used annually
15.5 mil. turnover of EUR