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    Botnia Print Oy Ab

    Come visit us: Lekatie 2, Kokkola
    Send us post: PL45, 67810 Kokkola
    Give us a call:  020 750 4706
    Send an email: tuotannonohjaus@botniaprint.fi

    Smooth and fast.

    That’s how we serve our customers. When you order your print products from us, you get your own contact person specifically assigned to you, which paves the way for friendly and efficient communications. Moreover, in urgent matters you can contact an operations manager by calling our 24/7 on-call number.

    Hannu Salmi


    Call: 0400 800 279

    Email: hannu.salmi@botniaprint.fi

    Peter Marjakangas

    Sales Manager (Helsinki region)

    Call: 050 596 2296

    Email: peter.marjakangas@botniaprint.fi

    Tero Suvanto

    Customer Service Manager

    Call: 044 574 6203

    Email: tero.suvanto@botniaprint.fi

    Susanne Starck

    Customer Relations Manager

    Call: 044 377 0222

    Email: susanne.starck@botniaprint.fi

    Tommi Luhta

    Chief Operations Manager

    Call: 040 6734766

    Email: tommi.luhta@botniaprint.fi

    Jyrki Jokela

    Operations Manager

    Call: 020 750 4706

    Email: tuotannonohjaus@botniaprint.fi

    Toni Klemola

    Factory Manager

    Call: 020 750 4523

    Email: toni.klemola@botniaprint.fi

    Jari Kolppanen

    Logistics Expert

    Call: 020 750 4531

    Email: jari.kolppanen@botniaprint.fi

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